Water Yoga for Arbor Ridge Residents

The Community at Brookmeade offers a “Water Yoga” program for Arbor Ridge residents.
The program is designed and led by Terry Schaff, internationally recognized Yoga Therapist.

“Channeling some Esther Williams and a little Groucho Marx as they gracefully make their way back and forth across the length of the pool, this group finds it is easy to flow from yoga pose to yoga pose with the support of the water. Laughter abounds as everyone steadies themselves with a water noodle — lifting a knee high, taking a leg back, and their torsos forward into Warrior III. ”

The Arbor Ridge Water Yoga participants deal with physical issues ranging from arthritis and osteoporosis to stenosis and degenerative disk disease. Members of the class find the program to be beneficial and Terry creates a lot of fun. “I always feel better after I come to this class”… Judy.

Interview excerpts from the magazine YogaTherapyToday Volume 8, Issue 3, Winter 2012 …

“Terry Schaff has taught yoga at Bard College since 2006. She developed yoga programs for the City of Hudson, NY, for senior citizens and at-risk children. In 2009, she designed a therapeutic water yoga program for senior citizens at Brookmeade in Rhinebeck, NY. Since 2010 she has worked as yoga therapist at Manhattan Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation New York City.”

“… participated in a yoga teacher-training program sponsored by the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Parkinson Disease Association. I participated in numerous workshops with senior Lyengar and Anusara teachers on the anatomy of yoga; many of which focused on specific parts of the body.

“… understanding and knowledge of human anatomy and physiology has grown exponentially from people in the medical and academic community, especially from the incredibly generous and patient teaching and direction from Dr. Loren Fishman and the team of physical therapists that he is nurturing at Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. “

“… have specific protocols for specific diagnoses. Dr. Fishman has groups of yoga poses that he recommends for specific medical conditions. I have adapted many of these poses for patients that cannot do classic yoga poses and I have built sequences of poses for our patients to practice at home.”

Terry Schaff is registered as an experienced yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance
and member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.
For more information email her at TerryRothSchaff@gmail.com.

Terry Schaff’s website may be seen at www.terryschaff.com.

Posted in News & Events on January, 2013